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”I honestly don’t need to write this entry beyond the name of it, because look. Just reread it. That such a thing should exist is a great disservice to our species because it means that someone, somewhere, was struck with what they assumed was inspiration, but which the rest of us will recognize as fever dreams or diphtheria symptoms, and made an electronic pickle that yodels. They then presented this idea to others and enough people backed it that it became an item mass-produced and marketed. This is how cults and oppressive, totalitarian regimes get started — when no one is willing to stop madness before it gets out of control.

To whom does this appeal? Yodelers or pickle aficionados? Even those people who enjoy musical brine-cured vegetation could only mildly enjoy this. Have you ever met anyone with a musical novelty gift in their home who routinely enjoyed the gift? Do you know people who queue up their Big Mouth Billy Bass at parties? Those people are refuse. They’re bad in the soul. Eliminate them.”

my favorite

Jean developed dual personality. The conscious Jean, whose powers were always in her control and the dormant side. A personality that, in our sessions, came to call itself the Phoenix. A purely instinctual creature, all desire joy and rage.

my 18 year old brother while standing in the ocean: there's so much water

She has a heartbeat.



Let me just word vomit about what is so great about this scene. Hannibal Lecter is, above all else, a narcissist.  Everything he believes can be traced back to the belief in his own superiority, and he gets a raging metaphorical boner for his ego being stroked. ie when his plans go perfectly, when he makes cannibal jokes that no one understands but him, and when he watches will prove his theories right. He finds pleasure primarily in his own superiority. 

But there’s something really different about this one scene.  It is an awkward balance between wills superiority and his own.  He believes (even though Will is arguably playing him like a fiddle) that this was all his doing, that he pulled the right strings and brought out in Will what he saw as his true nature.  The devil making demons in his own image.  Yet he tells Will, essentially, that Will is beyond him.  That Will surprises him, that will surpasses his intellect.  This is the second time that Hannibal has put Will in a position of power (the first being when he asked if he needed to call his lawyer, rather than saying he should or he will call his lawyer).  

This isn’t to say that Hannibal isn’t being a fucking narcissist.  He’s being entirely in character, in the only way I can describe it as a Narcissist in love.  He has admitted fallibility, which is INCREDIBLE, but only in so much that Will surpasses him as he himself surpasses everyone else and is therefor his soulmate.  He’s so proud, not just of Will but of himself, for having what he deems as a soulmate someone who fine a specimen of what he deems a worthwhile human being. 

I just find the various levels of Hannibal’s crazy really interesting, okay?



@bbyshock  requested a star-freckled outsider SO!! i deliver

+ the modern au hipster trash saga continues bye lmao


just girly things: reading gay fanfiction instead of talking to boys

104th Trainees Squad Character Traits: Eren Yeager + Selflessness 


Next gen looks so real.





Obama on gay adoption 

You the man

fucking beautiful


yeah totally ruining this country what a horrible guy

"Not so long ago Dunwall was a proud city." Kaldwin’s Bridge




From the reactions to the people in the background it looks like he has something else.


Horse: Oh god man


Granny: Take me now


Lady: I mustn’t look


Baby: I want to be like you when I grow up


Mother: Don’t look children


Guy: *ded*



Internet history won’t tell you anything, if parents really want to know what their kids are up to check their most recent emojis


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