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Previews from for the 75 Years of Batman art show, opening October 24th, 2014, at the Mondo Gallery / Tumblr.

Catwoman by Craig Drake - 24” X 36” screen print, ed. of 175. 

The Riddler by Jason Edmiston - 18” X 24” screen print, ed. of 200.

Batman/Man-Bat Set by Alex Pardee - 24” X 36” screen prints, ed. of 200.

Heart of Ice by Phantom City Creative - 18” X 24” screen print ed. of 225.

Batman Begins by Kevin Tong - 18” X 24” screen print, ed. of 275.

now we’re done and off we go, to sleep, to bed, to weep, to red; 

                   no crime nor sin, no fear withinbe gracious, be kind, without greed, without pride—there is no need for boys at the faithful’s side. amen.


Still in denial so I draw him


No, he wouldn’t have chosen the path of an Assassin because his father was a Templar, then what did that make me but an abomination, an accident, a mongrel? A man with divided loyalities. But a man who had decided he could not allow his son to die. Not today.


As I rode, I wondered what I was doing and realized I didn’t know. All I knew was how I felt, which was as though I had been asleep but suddenly was awake.


I risked being seen and discovered, but I did what I did anyway, on impulse, on instinct. I snatched my dagger from within my robes, and I threw it, watched as it sailed through the air and thanked God as it sliced into the rope and finished the job. As Connor’s writhing and - thank God - still very much alive body dropped through the trapdoor, a gasp went up around me. 


I had to keep my turmoil hidden. And what a turmoil it was: I’d saved the life of my son but effectively sabotaged the work of my own Order - an operation that I myself had decreed. I was a traitor. I had betrayed my people.

- Haytham Kenway’s journal, AC: Forsaken

When I read this part in public transport, I nearly started crying. :,(


Here it is! Corvo’s folding blade from Dishonored. Needs some cleaning up and a paint job, but I think it’s pretty damn cool (I was threatening all of the Kreo guys with it). The first gif is the motion to open it, the second gif to close it. I’m just gonna carry it around with me wherever I go…

Your name is James Buchanan Barnes.



science explains everything

I SEE now

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